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How do you get your employees to give in their best, aside from the salary you pay them?  Here are the five (5) great ways to motivate your employees beyond what you pay them.


More than ever before, we now live in a very competitive world, in which salaries, healthcare benefits and holiday time have been the deal-breaker when choosing one position or the other. However, with a ‘generational change’ and start-ups coming to life, this is slowly shifting. Currently, nearly half of the working population is composed of millennials, who are known to value work-life balance, flexibility, and experiences. Not only are they pickier about whom they work for, but they take a deeper look into the corporate values and culture of the company before anything else.

This year and the upcoming ones will be challenging for many businesses around the world. Most companies are cutting down as many costs as possible, such as freezing salaries. And communicating this to a team might not be the most straightforward task for a manager. However, it might be good to get the leadership team together and work on some non-monetary motivations for the employees before deciding on workers’ pays. The leadership team should design a plan that revolves around rewarding employees for their outstanding work, building up a more robust company culture, and giving them a better work-life balance.


  1. Recognize a job well done!

Recognizing someone’s work should not have to be pointed out, but sometimes words like “well done” and “thank you” are left unsaid without even realizing it. Appreciating your employees even for little things can go a long way and boost their confidence and overall self-esteem. In addition, recognition always creates an emotional connection between the team member, the manager, and the team that keeps people engaged, connected, and motivated.


  1. Flexibility

Remote or work from home jobs has become the new normal during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. We have learned that we do not need to be at the office every day. As a result, ‘9 to 5’ is slowly vanishing to let work-life balance become a core value to employees.

Flexibility includes managers realizing that employees have personal engagements outside work and helping them to accommodate their work around this as much as possible.


  1. Office perks

There are many ways managers can offer perks and incentives to employers.  Giving financial bonuses and work leave are critical factors in creating a solid company culture and enhancing teamwork. This is all possible when company leaders understand the power of incentives and motivation in managing people.


  1. Create a good environment!

An average worker spends most of their day at the office; it is essential to make sure that employees have the most incredible experience while working. Including workers’ comfort as part of your company’s objectives ensures they feel like being part of something bigger than just delivering positive results at the end of the day. Communication regularly is one of the most important steps towards creating a hard-working and well-functioning team. Allowing employees to share and put their ideas into practice are some actions workers appreciate and help to boost their confidence and feel valued in the company.


  1. Offer experiences!

Visionary CEOs and managers offer experiences to their employers to keep their spirits high. Try to give your workers something they cannot get elsewhere. It does not only make them productive; it goes to bring out the best in them. Experiences can be in the form of bonuses, sponsorships, scholarships, promotions, and special recognitions. Do it in a way nobody else has ever done.



Yes, salary is essential, but it’s even more important to wake up every day and be excited to work.  We believe that building up a company culture based on solid communication, cooperation, employee recognition, and an excellent work-life balance is the right way to grow a successful company.

Our professionals are equipped to help you sustain your workforce by implementing the most effective employer-employee relationship. Reach out to our human resource management consultants today to get started.



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