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Working from home is an incredible perk, but have you inadvertently created a workspace as drab as a cubicle? Here’s how to make the ultimate home office in 6 easy steps.


Working from home has many bright sides— better work-life balance, no commute, but the ability to design an office you love can be challenging. We have curated six (6) quick tips that will help you work from home comfortably.



Browse for inspiration, but remember those offices you see in design magazines may not be set up to accommodate a 50-hour workweek. Upholstered dining room chairs can be amazing, but they won’t support your back. Tiny vintage desks may not accommodate your project files, and while some people like bright colours, you might get bored looking at an entire wall of fire engine red paint right above your laptop/desktop computer, even if that makes your office look fabulous in a photograph.



It’s best for the top of your computer monitor should be at eye level or a little below. As you glance down the screen, your eyelids will naturally close a bit and moisten, which reduces eye fatigue. Next, position your keyboard in such a way that your forearms are parallel to the floor. Then, adjust your chair, so your feet rest firmly on something–the base or a footrest if you’re short. Finally, splurge on a chair that makes you want to put in the hours. You should love the chair you’re resting on; otherwise, you will never sit at your desk.



While setting up a new desk in a home office, many people automatically put it right up against the wall in the darkest end of the room. “What they’ve unconsciously done is to recreate the corporate cubicle.” And who wants that? Please, move your desk close to the windows, but place it parallel to the panes, not too near and not too far. This ideal set-up offers you the happiness benefits of natural light and an excellent reason to turn away from your computer with the time to take in the scene.




Filing cupboards and cabinets may not be the most attractive pieces of furniture, but you do need a place to put papers you frequently use for your work. The biggest problem with home offices is that you wind up having form everywhere. If you’re the type who sees something to remember it exists, try wall storage: magazine-type racks or children’s library-style display shelves.



Your desk should principally be for active work, but you probably need a place to think or read. A great home office has an excellent comfy chair for curling up–potentially with an ottoman for your feet plus a table for your coffee, and a great lamp. Add a luxurious throw and a colourful pillow that will make you want to take thinking breaks. A comfort zone is an often-ignored perk of the home office. If you’ve got the space for it, it is one of the best things you can do for yourself.” Of course, in a home office, it’s not bad if you nap!



Most modern offices do have lots of cords everywhere in the room. Keep a power strip behind your desk and plug everything into that power strip. Someone once complained, “as for office equipment? I hate how printers look. It irritates me when I see a printer often while busy on my computer.” As for the person, that printer can go in the closet. However, you can’t skip owning a printer with copying and scanning capability even if you hate looking at it. Having to run to and fro a FedEx Office for essential functions can take a big chunk out of your day.



Whether you own a business and struggling with hosting your employees online or an employee striving to adopt virtual work strategies, we can help. Our experts are prepared to transform your brand beyond your expectations by advising you on the best approach to provide you with the right technologies.


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