MarketingSeptember 11, 2022by Centrix Digital7 Strategies to get readers and subscribers when no one knows you yet

Finding the right audience and connecting with them successfully can be tasking for newbies. This difficulty that small businesses face is why we have curated seven (7) ways to find readers and subscribers when no one knows about your brand yet.


If no one has shown up yet, it can be nice that way. At least you will have adequate time to get prepared quite well. You have ample chance and adequate time to experiment and play around without fear.

But let us face it! We all want to speed up our campaigns and make huge sales as quick as humanly possible.

Here are seven vital points to consider if you want to accelerate the process of pulling your audiences together without any hassles.

However, how quickly you want to get started and get going will have to understand your market thoroughly. Take time to know what your potential customers believe. Also, discover their fears, and learn about what they know and do not know. Dig and research from time to time until you find the right customers and tailor your services to fulfil their economic desires.


  1. Be ready for the traffic you get.

In the beginning, when you are squeaking along with just a few site visitors, it is essential to capture every scrap of attention you can.

Before you start employing new tactics to get more new visitors, ensure that:

  • You have at least few exciting pieces of content for your visitors
  • Your site looks tidy.
  • You have an excellent way to capture leads like email addresses and phone numbers of visitors.

If your content is attention-grabbing and your message very clear, you will discover that the first subscribers go on to remain some of your most loyal fans.


  1. Make sure to answer the right questions.

Once you understand your audience well, then get ready to answer their economic questions. Next, learn how best to serve them. If you are providing services through your blogs, keep the content brief, valuable and straightforward.  Since blogs are relatively easy to craft, you might decide to publish them weekly for at least six months.



  1. Do something epic.

If you want the attention of influencers, go the extra mile. Potential customers can only connect with you when you do something epic to deserve their attention. You might be epically perfect at what you do and be able to pull off some epic stunts.

However, sharing boring blog posts, weak videos, or copycat podcast episodes will not give you the right followers and much attention you want.


  1. Be a social media butterfly.

You might love social media or avoid it like the zombie apocalypse. Either way, it is an excellent place to look for new connections.

When you are growing your audience, it is best to schedule one or two short sessions on one relevant social platform every day.


  1. Take one controversial stand.

Do some fundamental researches, and be able to question your prejudices? Then, weigh the available evidence and consider other points of view you obtained from various sources. Finally, be persuaded by reliable facts that contradict your assumptions.

So that once you feel confident that your opinion is grounded with solid evidence, take your stand with the best option.


  1. Buy a little traffic with money.

If you have a steady and consistent stream of useful material along with a few epic pieces, and you have taken a stand on your topic, is there anything else to do to get started?

Try buying a bit of digital traffic with social media ads; it can be a good way to start.

Applying social media power is a game with rules that change almost daily, but it is worth playing. So, pick the most financially viable platform of the moment and buy a little bit of traffic.


  1. Buy a little more traffic with time.

Another simple way to “buy” some traffic is to dedicate your time and energy to writing guest post content for other websites or blogs.

You may also appear on other people’s podcasts. Guest posting widens your audience range and gives you an excellent opportunity to form relationships with other web publishers. It can also have outstanding SEO benefits, but that typically comes down the line when your site’s a little more mature.



Our team is fully ready to assist you in your journey to boost your business’ image, even as a startup. Reach out to us today to assist you in finding the right audience to promote your brand. Then we take it up from there and allow you to focus on other things.


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