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Do you know that your employees should be your most valuable asset, and managing them well is one of your key business challenges? A friend recently wanted to know how I get the best from my employees. So if you’ve wondered just like my friend did, the answers are here.


When you’re doing a fantastic job, your employees are more likely to be committed partners in assisting you to build a thriving company with growing profits.

We have outlined seven practical tips on how to manage your workers better

  1. Foster good communication

Friendly, open, and honest communication is at the heart of a happy and productive team. When you start by explaining your company’s vision, goals, and plans for achieving them, they tend to align with your objectives. Therefore, focus primarily on clear communication in times of change or uncertainty.

Regular meetings and internal briefings with employees face to face are very important in smaller companies.

You can also share written information in larger companies, such as a printed or electronic company newsletter. For example, you can include employees’ contributions, staff success stories, company news, and business performance metrics.

  1. Give feedback

Exchanging positive feedback strengthens employer-employee engagement. You and your managers should give each other comprehensive feedback throughout the year on work progress and ideas that need implementation.  It should be meaningful and regular, not just at year-end performance reviews.

Criticisms should be constrictive, while negative feedback should be fair, carefully expressed, and focused on specific behavior. Moreover, it is always better to ask the employee to tell their side of the story.

Don’t forget that feedback should be a two-way street; when you receive it, try to give back. Constant feedback encourages employees to make intelligent inputs, including ideas for improving operations.

  1. Recognize your team’s value

From time to time, consider rewarding employees for things like meeting goals, contributing to innovation, and helping you recruit new talent. Rewards can include performance bonuses and non-financial perks your employees will appreciate, such as a company dinner or concert tickets.

  1. Delegate

You can’t do it all. So instead, learn to empower your employees by entrusting them with essential responsibilities. When you give your employees tasks, then stand back and let them do their jobs. Doing so even enables you to take on higher-value tasks and focuses on your strategic direction. Moreover, your employees will appreciate being able to contribute to the company’s success.

Before giving new responsibilities, evaluate the employees’ capabilities, and provide any needed training.

  1. Head off conflict

The conflict between employees is known to hurt productivity, staff retention, and customer service. Head it off by clearly defining job descriptions and business procedures. Encourage respect for diversity. If a conflict occurs, don’t let it fester. Instead, meet with those involved to mediate and implement solutions.

  1. Train and develop your team

Training and developing your employees make them more productive and engaged.  Regular seminars and corporate activities, both internal and external, also help attract and retain skilled workers—a growing issue as the population ages.

Don’t focus only on formal, classroom-style training; explore semi-formal learning such as mentoring, focused reading, and job shadowing. When you sponsor your workers to external seminars and conferences, it offers them the chance to mingle with the best, which in turn favors your firm as they implement their experiences daily.

  1. Offer a flexible workplace

There are new dimensioning to how people work in this century; something employers should try to understand. For example, changing demographics may imply you have to offer a more flexible workplace. For example, older workers and those who care for aging family members may require more flexibility. Offering more flexibility to your employers grants them the independence necessary to bring about optimum results. Flexibility could mean allowing work from home or offering flexible hours and job sharing, not bad ideas.

Your employees are vital assets to your company. When you treat them well and relate comfortably with them, your business consequently soars because everyone works hard. However, as a startup or an established brand, you can’t risk losing huge sums of money owing to workers’ laxity. On how best to manage your employees to ensure efficiency, contact our consultants today. We have the best team of human resources management personnel who are ready to assist you in realizing your business objectives.


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