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Generate more leads and customers by accessing more than 3.6 billion active users who log into Facebook and Instagram daily. Expand your audience by reaching prospects ready to discover your products and services while building a community around your brand.

Reach Your Customer Where They Are

Cut through the clutter, build awareness and credibility, drive website traffic, and grow and retain more customers by better understanding customer behavior and preferences through Facebook advertising.

Build Rich Audiences

Using powerful custom lists and audience segmentation strategies.

Nurture Leads

Support sales-ready opportunities through the journey with tailored ads.

Retarget Prospects

Turn engaged audiences into customers with retargeted ads on Facebook.

Increase Leads & Conversion

Facebook ads draw immediate attention to your brand; Driving customers to your website boosts your organic ranking and conversion.

01Get Your Brand Noticed

With Facebook’s 1.6 billion and Instagram’s 2 billion worldwide daily active users, your brand is better positioned to connect with potential customers and build a community culture.

01Precise Audience Targeting

Reach your ideal customer through targeting that focuses on your audience’s behavior, interest, demographic, age, and gender. We test and optimize your campaign to be centered around your end goal. Whether that is to build your brand presence, drive discovery and engagement, or increase sales and leads.

02Gain Competitive Advantage

Maintain or grow your market position through defensive marketing strategies to differentiate from your competitors. We analyze your competitors product or service offering and value propositions. We focus on launching targeted campaigns that drive in-store visits, phone calls, and, most of all, sales.

02Attention-grabbing Facebook Ads

Compellingly present your product or service to make your audience feel like you are speaking directly to them. Guiding potential customers from awareness and consideration to a purchase decision.

03Drive More Traffic

We drive more visitors to your website or physical location by identifying the most effective distribution channels and presenting engaging content that resonates with your ideal customer. We track key metrics to ensure we are moving in the right direction and reaching a large audience.

03Track How Every Dollar Performs

You get access to a live progress reporting dashboard where you can view your campaign performance in real-time. We also provide a monthly overview report and weekly progress updates to give you a 360 view of the bottom line.

Our Facebook Marketing Process

Facebook Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Maximize audience reach.

Awareness Stage

Generate engagement & online and foot traffic.

Consideration Stage

Increase leads and conversion.

Decision Stage

01① Campaign Discovery

A vertical-focused and high ROI Facebook advertising campaign often comes down to the strategy. We will explore your brand, customers, objective, offering, the funnel stage you’re trying to target, and budget to create the most impactful campaign.

02② Campaign Development

We set up or work with your team on implementing a conversion tracker on your website. We develop a top-of-the-funnel campaign strategy to bring awareness, familiarity, and trigger purchases.

03③ Ad Copy & Creative

We create attention-grabbing ads to keep your audience focused on your offering while communicating the solution you are offering. Ad creatives are customized for news feeds, stories, and sidebars and displayed as photos and videos.

01④ Data Analysis & Optimization

Effective marketing is not just about being present but about making your presence felt. We test different content combinations to determine the most effective ad while tracking KPI performance. We carefully analyze the data and make adjustments to improve your ROI.

02⑤ Performance Reporting

We provide monthly performance and analysis reports on essential campaign metrics such as click-through rate, purchase cost per click, and ROAS. We track customers’ journey and individual ad performance and refine the strategy to better identify opportunities and leverage the marketing power of Facebook ads.

03⑥ Growth & Scaling

Outperform your competitors by growing your visibility, nurturing your audience, and converting warm audiences into customers. We are passionate about helping purpose-driven brands like yours scale their campaigns. We incrementally increase your budget as your campaign flourishes and explore new audiences to tap into new revenue streams.

Frequently Asked Facebook Ads Questions

  • How do we start working together?
    We’re glad to hear that you’ve chosen to work with us. Please fill out your details below, and we’ll reach back and schedule a call, get to know your business, and offer a solution based on your situation. We will develop a customized campaign plan to get your business on the right path.
  • What are some of the available Facebook ad options?
    Facebook advertising offers flexible ad formats, but some of the best ones include:

    Photo ads: A great way of starting with Facebook ads. It can be a creative photo design, a product, results, or a service outline. 

    Video ads:  Video ads can run in the news feed, stories, or in-stream ads. You can outline your team or product in action. 

    Poll ads: An interactive function that allows you to add a two-option poll to an image or video ad. It is a great way to get customer feedback on your process, product, or service. 

    Carousel ads: Showcase ten images highlighting the different product or service benefits and direct the customer to the item or collection. 

    Collection ads: Display five images or videos customers can click to buy without leaving Facebook. Collection ads are blended with instant experience ads. Allowing you to create an extensive detailed ad. For example, you can have an ad that teaches viewers how to choose the suitable ingredient for their recipe. The product images can point to supplies for combining and storing ingredients. (Available on mobile only).

    Instant experience ads: These are a full-screen ad format that loads 15 faster than a mobile website outside of Facebook. People watch engaging videos and photos, swipe through carousels, quickly view products, and explore lifestyle images with tagged products. 

  • How much does Facebook advertising cost?
    Our fully managed Facebook and Instagram advertising service suits companies with at least a USD 3,000 monthly ad spend budget. You will be charged a one-time account setup fee and monthly ad management fee or a nominal percentage of your ad spend.
  • Have Facebook ads changed since the IOS 14 update?
    IOS 14 privacy updates have created challenges for tracking consumers and conversion reporting through the Facebook pixel. As advertisers, we are constantly driven to present our client’s products or services in the best light possible and constantly adapt to a changing environment to continue getting high investment returns.
  • What KPIs/Metrics do you look at when assessing the success of Facebook marketing ?
    We prioritize conversion rate and click-through rate. These two metrics affect the cost per result the most.
  • How you develop the ad copy and creative?
    The keys to a great ad are attractive visuals, clear messaging, and a call to action. These elements are developed around your brand. Our team crafts thumb-stopping ads that are mobile-first and optimized for conversion for various placements.
  • How can I track the ad campaign performance?
    Track your campaign performance with real-time reporting on a dashboard on key metrics, including traffic reach, cost per click, click-through rate, number of purchases, generated leads, trends, and more. We also provide a monthly overview report and weekly progress updates to give you a 360 view of the bottom line.

    Develop a personalized and longer-term customer relationship by focusing on a segmented and targeted audience and meeting their needs.

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