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A website design that provides fast loading times, mobile and user-friendly design, an amazing user experience, and eye-catching visuals – all to help you keep more customers and avoid the 42% that leave due to hard-to-use designs.

Is Your Website Design Driving The Results Your Business Needs?

➡ Gain more visibility and reach more potential customers.

➡ Save money in the long run and eliminate the need to depend on traditional advertising and referrals.

➡ Create a unique and recognizable brand identity for your business.

➡ Provide better customer service and build relationships with your customers.

➡ Make it easier for customers to find information about your business and contact you.

➡ Increase sales by providing customers with a convenient way to purchase your products or services.

➡ Improve your search engine rankings, which leads to more visibility and increased sales.

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02Website Design That Captures Attention And Leads To Action

Compelling UX/UI keeps visitors engaged and helps locate information quickly. We provide user-friendly, secure, and modern websites, making products and services easily discoverable. Our UX/UI expertise guides customers in their buying journey and ensures a positive website experience.

01Flexible eCommerce & Consultancy Solutions

Leverage Stripe, advanced analytics, accounting software integration, heat mapping, email automation, advanced forms, and upsells for increased eCommerce and consultancy sales and leads. This robust, scalable solution grows with your business, providing comprehensive services for digital success.

03Responsive Design With SEO In Mind

Boost organic traffic and user experience via a mobile-first, search-engine-optimized website. Our SEO design services enhance site visibility, and ranking, and cater to your unique needs, ensuring a beautiful, mobile-friendly website for optimum results.

Website Design Process

Depending on the scope of work, a website design project can be completed within 6-13 weeks. This timeline ensures that you get the best possible website, tailored to your specific needs.

02① Our Initial Call

We’re excited to connect and learn how to support your business goals. Our first call helps us understand your offerings, website goals, and budget for the right fit. Let’s discuss making your business aspirations come true.

01② Goal Identification And Scope Definition

We collaborate to establish website goals like lead generation, conversion rate improvement, sales enhancement, and customer retention. Identifying objectives, we define the project scope, necessary features, and their development timeline.

03③ Sitemap And Wireframe Creation

Through wireframes and sitemaps, we establish a cohesive website with intuitive design and content for an engaging user experience. With a defined scope, we can effectively integrate features for logical and easy navigation.

02④ Content Creation

With a clear website concept, we will create content centered on SEO for each page regarding particular subjects, setting the foundation for attracting organic website visitors.

01⑤ Visual Elements

We design a distinct visual brand for your site! We’ll collaborate to develop an appealing design using elements like line, shape, color, and texture, whether it’s a new concept or building on existing visuals.

03⑥ Testing And Launch

We will prepare pages for optimal visitor display and use manual browsing and automated crawlers to fix user experience issues. Once perfect, we’ll launch your website with a strategic marketing plan to help your business bring in new customers.

Technologies We Use

We'll craft a distinct brand identity for you, combining visuals and technology suited to your business needs. Our expertise in programming languages boosts your brand's profitability.

Client's Experience

Don't just take our word for it.

Phenomenal work

The quality of their work is phenomenal.


It was the follow-up message for me!

It was the follow-up message for me! That spoke volumes. Besides the fantastic graphics, the attention to detail is what will cause me to definitely be back!

Raquel S.

Professionalism & Quality

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.

Long Sault Travel Clinic

Easy to work with

Amazing service! They’re super nice and easy to work with!

Wear In Time

I really enjoyed working with this company!

I really enjoyed working with this company! I had no idea on how to set up a website and when i contacted Centrix, they were very professional. They asked me how i wanted my website to look and did exactly that and even more then what i asked for. Centrix is a great company and i can’t wait to work with them as my business continues to grow! Thank you so much.

Eliq Apparel

I absolutely loved working with this company!

I absolutely loved working with this company! I needed a website for my e-commerce store and they delivered above what was looking for! So quick and professional to work wth – I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone looking for a website no matter which industry it might be in! I got so much out of my website design, consulting, and copywriting. And I would totally do it all over again! Centrix’s service took off so much stress from launching my business startup! Thank you so much once again!

Shouts Naturals

Our Website Design Clients Get Results

Are you ready to take your business's online presence to the next level? Our web design solution offers a speedy, mobile-friendly website tailored to your buyer's journey and persuasive sales copywriting to create a resonating message. Additionally, we provide a powerful marketing plan to maximize your reach and increase your return on investment.

Frequently Asked Website Design Questions

  • What is Shopify?
    Shopify is a subscription-based eCommerce platform that allows businesses to build an online store. eCommerce websites designed on this platform are minimalistic, clean, easy to use, and offer great support and third party integrations to scale your business.
  • What is WordPress?
    WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) where we develop, design, and manage a website. It uses PHP combined with MySQL or MariaDB database with supported HTTPS. More than 60 million website designs have been developed in WordPress.
  • How much does a website cost?
    The percentage of revenue you should dedicate to website design depends on your business’s specific needs, goals, and financial situation. A general rule of thumb is to allocate 5-15% of your revenue to marketing, with a portion of that amount allocated to website design and development. This can vary depending on the size of your business, its growth stage, and the industry you’re in. For new startups, a higher percentage may be necessary. It’s essential to evaluate the benefits of a new website against the potential opportunity loss.

    Some key factors to consider when deciding on your website design budget include:

    Your business goals: What do you want to achieve with your website? Is it mainly for information purposes or does it contribute significantly to your sales?

    Competitive landscape: Analyze your competition and see how your website needs to be designed in order to stand out and compete effectively.

    Branding and customizations: A unique and well-branded website may require a larger budget relative to a simpler website.

    Functionality and features: More complex features like e-commerce integration, custom forms, and multimedia content may require a larger budget.

    Ongoing maintenance and updates: Factor in costs related to website upkeep, including content updates, design changes, and maintenance.

    Ultimately, it’s essential to invest in a well-designed, user-friendly website that aligns with your objectives and target audience, as it can significantly impact your online presence and business success.

  • How important is search engine optimization (SEO)?
    SEO plays a critical role in driving organic traffic and improving your website’s visibility on search engines. Incorporating SEO principles during the design process is highly recommended for better search rankings.
  • Can you help me with content and images for my website?
    Yes, we have in-house content copywriters and stock image resources to help create engaging content and visuals. However, it’s always better to include any custom or industry-specific images relevant to your business.
  • Will my website rank on Google?
    Simply launching a new website does not position you on search engines. If you want your products or services to be found based on specific keyword searches, you will need to do some Search Engine Optimization work to rank in a competitive market.

    To learn more about how our Search Engine Website Traffic solution works, visit here.

  • Do you provide website hosting and the domain name?
    We will recommend a reputable third-party hosting service provider for your website needs. By utilizing their services, you can purchase a hosting account (specifically for WordPress use), a domain name, domain privacy and security, as well as an SSL certificate. Rest assured, our team will be on hand to complete the setup and migration process for you. Furthermore, we are committed to assisting you throughout each step to ensure a seamless experience.
  • Is it necessary for us to be in Toronto to collaborate with you?
    Despite being website designers based in Toronto, we cater to clients across the globe.
  • How can I update my website later on?
    We provide a content management system (CMS) that enables you to easily modify and update your content with little to no technical knowledge. If you need continuous long-term assistance, we can explore the possibilities of ongoing maintenance and future updates at any point prior to or throughout the project’s duration.
  • What about website security and backups?
    For WordPress website design, security is crucial to protect your site from hacking and other online threats. When selecting a website hosting service, ensure they provide secure hosting and reliable backup options. We will provide recommendations based on your needs.
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