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Does learning modern sales techniques make you feel unrighteous? Here are five (5) sales techniques for people who want to sell without selling their souls.


Of course, you are not naïve to think some sales content is showy and deceptive. But someone hast to put up a website, write an advertisement or pound the pavement to drum up more sales, or you would not get enough money to keep your business in the market.


The idea of putting on fake smiles, pretending that total strangers are your favorite friends, and sugar-coating your words to motivate your customers into spending their hard-earned money on your products and services blows your mind.


You want to launch a successful business, but not if it means losing who you are along the way. Somehow, you must find out how to make money without abandoning your values. Making money nowadays without losing one’s core life principles sound strange, and many people wonder.


But honestly, the heavy-handed sales tactics of the past are not appropriate for most modern businesses. Not only are they morally objectionable, but they are increasingly ineffective.


So, how do you sell without selling your soul?


8 Sales Tips for A Clean Soul


  1. Focus on helping people and forget about just making money.

You hate the idea of selling, right? That is okay for now.

It is easier for customers and prospects to tell whether you care about them. Regardless of whether you are chatting face to face, filming a persuasive video for your advert, or writing a sales letter to make more sales, they silently watch to see where your fidelities lie. And try to learn about how much of their interest you put in your business.

If they eventually sense you care more about making more sales than helping them find the products and services suitable for them, they lose their trust in you.

So, stop the trying-so-hard sales techniques because they rarely work nowadays.

Keep away the thoughts of how much money you will make if they buy and forget about sales goals or quotas or your objectives. Instead, focus on them. Make helping them your number one priority.

  1. Do not mention your products in the first 20 minutes.

Many salespersons never stop talking about their businesses and what they must sell. From the beginning of a meeting with a potential customer to the end, spinning stories, telling jokes, talking up their products and services, believing that talking makes them push the buttons.

The better tactic, of course, is to say nothing at the beginning. Instead of talking your customers into purchasing your products and services, do nothing but listen for the first 20 minutes to hear about their needs and concerns. Then, let them do the talking. So, make sure you understand your customers’ needs before you even mention what you have for sale.


  1. Build a genuine relationship.

Remember that a good relationship should come before sales techniques. It has never been easier to consistently keep in touch whether you are working online or offline. To foster a long-term collaboration, get to know the people you want to help.

Let us say you meet someone in person, make sure to discuss a potential business collaboration, and exchange contact information.


  1. Drop your yellow highlighter and pick up the chalk.

For a long time, marketers think using sales techniques that make everything flashy, exciting, and aggressive work ideally in fetching you more customers. But unfortunately, you get your audience distracted, pushing them never to buy anything. Instead of indirectly forcing people into buying your ideas immediately, get them on your email list. Provide them first free services to get their attention glued to your brand before coming in full force.


  1. Take responsibility for what occurs after the sales and keep in touch.

Many businesses make deals and sales then shut their doors to customers’ complaints and feedbacks. That is very wrong. Give your clients the mist assuring warranty for the products and services and keep to your words. Attending to their complaints even after all transactions have been cleared signifies care and your interest in them.



Modern sales techniques are hyped, and it’s not many that can survive the ‘ambiguity of some marketing approaches. To know what works for your personality, let our professionals advise you on how best to increase sales while maintaining your values.

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